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ISRAEL is the motherland of Anna Lotan

Israel is the country, literally every meter is filled out by its own amazing history.  Israel is located in the Middle East, near the coast the Mediterranean Sea and has exceedingly important cultural and religious value for all mankind. Its geography possesses unique microclimate, which does not have analogues all over our planet and it is impossible to create it in artificial conditions.

There are unrepeatable qualities of world pattern of Israel. It is well known, that Israel is a Jewish state and, at the same time, Israel has become the home for a huge quantity of ethnic groups notwithstanding the religion - Muslim Arabs, Christian Arabs, Druze, Bedouins, Samaritans, Armenians, Circassians etc. And the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem is divided between six Christian denominations: Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian and Syrian. It is interesting, that the week in Israel begins on Sunday, and spring begins in February.  The average life expectancy is about 81.5 years and ranks the 6th place in the world, thereby it is ahead of many European countries. As it is known, the world's best medical and scientific research institutes are in Israel. Israel occupies an active position in the space exploration and increasing of green areas, and, what is the most difficult - in the desert. The number of Nobel Prizes is counted  there per capita and the highest percentage of people with higher education takes place there.  Perhaps,  the secret is that the Israelis are considered to be the most optimistic people!

One of the values of Israel - is the Dead Sea, a  wonder of the world, which is an open natural laboratory in order to create powerful curative and therapeutic substances, which are necessary  for life and human health.  Practically, it is the most salty lake in the world and it is located in the lowest point on the Earth - 400 meters below sea level.  The name "dead" is connected with the impossibility of life of marine animals and fish in such salt water, while the status of the sea is a local tradition to call as seas  large bodies of water among boundless driest deserts.

Features of the Dead Sea region have been forming for 20 million years by global geological processes, which are still progressing. Thus, as the result of the movement of the tectonic plates a giant cavity formed in the earth's crust (6,000 km), which was filled with sea water in the area of Israel.  Such plates’ movement makes the area the seismically active zone, and, thus, influences the formation of its landscape. Along the coast of the Dead Sea there are thermal and mud sources. Deep-sea salts, curative sulfur and cleanest water with high oxygen concentration make it possible to obtain unique natural compounds which have beneficial effects on the circulatory system, have antibacterial and hyperemic effects. Indisputably, wealth and uniqueness of nature of Israel present significant opportunities for medical and cosmetic practice.

Dead Sea water has the highest concentration and the unique composition of salts and microelements, which significantly differs the composition of other salts of seas. This is over 33% of mineral substances, which include approximately 50% of magnesium chloride, 14% of calcium chloride, 30% of sodium chloride and 5% of potassium chloride, as well as sulfates, bromides, and etc.  For comparison, in general sea water contains 90% of sodium chloride (table salt). Dead Sea minerals are widely applied in medical cosmetology. Curative properties of composition with containing the Dead Sea salts stimulate the regeneration of the skin, effectively eliminate damage, rejuvenate skin cells and restore natural processes inherent to healthy skin.

Unique fact is that the water of the Dead Sea is as much as possible approached to the composition of human plasma and lymph, which provides stimulation and renewal of natural processes in the organism which is necessary for health and beauty.

Dead Sea mud (peloid mud) is formed by the natural seabed sediments and is rich in micronutrients, a high concentration of salts and has a high penetrating power into the deeper layers of the skin. The usage of salts and mud the Dead Sea in the production of cosmetics products is directed to the treatment of various skin diseases and  their prevention and provides highly comprehensive care for all age groups.

Due to the unique generosity of nature of the Dead Sea, Israel has gained international recognition in the production of professional cosmetics. Biocosmetic laboratory Anna Lotan has high standards of production, modern level of technology, maintains permanent scientific research and rightfully occupies a leading position among the cosmetic producers in Israel.

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