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10 Reasons to be with ANNA LOTAN

ANNA LOTAN is created by nature and reasoned by science

50 years of work in the market of professional cosmetology brought ANNA LOTAN brand the status of a leader and the reputation of reliable cosmetics of curative care of skin of face and body. The company “AL Cosmetics” LTD is an official representative of techniques and products of ANNA LOTAN biocosmetic laboratory and it names 10 main reasons, why it is worth to be with ANNA LOTAN:

1. Each ANNA LOTAN product is 100% of effectiveness, safety and price availability;

2. Modularity and multifunctionality give the opportunity to combine products and provide an expected result;

3. An optimal pricing policy is a prime cost of procedures, which allows to obtain a high level of income;

4. Only ANNA LOTAN offers professional diagnostics of skin with mapping of face. Revolutionary technique is based on the work with different areas and provides accessibility of a single procedure, increases the variety of planned procedures, which allow to satisfy the requirements of a client;

5. ANNA LOTAN is the choice number 1 both for professionals and especially for your own skin;

6. ANNA LOTAN is a gifted scientist and practitioner of cosmetology; he is always in trend of innovative technologies for professionals;

7. Author’s ANNA LOTAN technique “Cool Hydrogenation” has become a revolutionary stage in the development of cosmetology and formed the basis of modern worldwide practice;

8. The principle of effect of products is based on natural physiological processes of the skin. Exclusive formulas and composition of products are created on the basis of natural herbal ingredients and salts of the Dead Sea;

9. Development and production of ANNA LOTAN products are consolidated in Israel and they guarantee a high level of quality of the products;

10. Presence of certificates GMP and ISO is the evidence of a high level of production.

The principle of “Al Cosmetics” LTD work is based on the complex approach of business directions – it is the system of training master classes due to expense of the company, the loyalty program, informational and marketing support for specialists in cosmetology and beauty salons. The company is focused on the further development of beauty industry and offers affiliate programs for professionals Great Britain.

Let’s create lovely business together, with esteem “Al Cosmetics” LTD.