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Greens peptide argireline complex

On the 10th of May we are waiting for you on Greens peptide argireline complex.

The products of this line include argireline. Argireline is a synthetic protein peptide, consisting of 6 amino acids. Argireline is recommended for anti-aging treatment for patients in aged 25 years with the first signs of aging, the appearance of facial wrinkles, folds.


Products of this line improved skin tonus, reduced mimic wrinkles, prevention the aging process.

They are suitable for mature skin, with first signs of wrinkles, dry skin.


Only during the master class you can get special -5% discount for ALL products.

Also when making a purchase above 150 £ - you will get Eye makeup remover as a gift!


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The quantity of vouchers is limited! You can buy vouchers at a price of 20 £ and then exchange them for products.

To purchase vouchers for the master class, you need to go to the section vouchers on www.alcosmeticsuk.co.uk.


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