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Acne and Post-acne master class

We are looking forward to welcome you on an Acne and Post-acne master class on 11th of February.

We will present to you the way of dealing with acne and post-acne skin problems.

Acne and post-acne are unaesthetic and unpleasant. These skin diseases can be cured only with competent approach of a specialist and fulfillment of all the recommendations by the client.

During the master class the beautician will make the treatment with the products of Clean line, adding the products PRO line.


On the day of master class you will get 15% off for all Anna Lotan products.

Vouchers for the master class can be bought at a price of 20 £ and then exchanged for products.

Please call us to purchase vouchers and sign up for the master class.

The quantity of vouchers is limited!


The master class starts at 12 p.m.

Address: 127 Balaam Street, E13 8AF, Plaistow, London, United Kingdom.

You are always welcome.


Sign up:

Telephone: +44(0)7702910375; 07889542487

E-Mail: alcosmeticsuk@gmail.com


*Dear customers, we take an opportunity to remind you, that on February 5th there will be the master class on Ruby peeling in beauty salon Lux Studio Hounslow.

Address: 79-83 High Street, London, Hounslow East, TW3 1RB.