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Autumn offer!

We continue to please you with our autumn discounts!

The 7th to the 16th of September you can get special -25% discount for ALL this products:

1) Classic Pearl Mask 60ml (-25%);

2) Mineral Foot Balsam With Dead Sea Minerals 100ml (-25%);

3) Lipo Soft Cream Facial Replenisher 50ml (-25%);

4) Classic Day & Night Protective Butter SPF5  60ml (-25%);

5) Golden Day Cream 250ml (-25%);

6) Greens Garden Cress Mask 70ml (-25%);

7) Greens Garden Cress Mask 350ml (-25%);

8) Greens Natural Peeling Rinse Off Exfoliating Scrub 150ml (-25%);

9) Liquid Gold Marine Fluid 250ml (-25%);

10) PRO Pastis MAsk for Oily Problem, Skin 100ml (-25%);

11) Classic Creamy Foaming Gel  200ml (-25%);

12) Classic Enzymatic Gommage Peeling 50ml (-25%);

13) Greens Naturally Preserved Body Cream 150ml (-25%);

14) Planto Minerals for Oily Skin 250ml (-25%);

15) Collagel Cleansing Gel Base 600ml (-25%).


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