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Commercial offer!

Israel Bio cosmetical company has a Commercial Offer for your Salon.

Anna Lotan has Natural products for facial treatments, in BIG VOLUMES and LOW PRICES. Anna Lotan Bio-Cosmetic Laboratories manufacture exclusive, functional, professional skin care treatments to be used by licensed estheticians, beautician and other skin care professionals in Salons and Spas, together with synergistic, high quality, home use products for their clients.

We can provide cosmetic products for home care for your customers that you can sell in your salon and this option is FREE!!

The company Anna Lotan has the following product lines:

1. Alodem

Alodem is a series for sensitive, «fragile» skin with redness (couperose). This line solves the problems of preparation for the course of grinding and chemical peelings, rehabilitation after dermabrasion procedures, photorejuvenation, photothermolysis, laser therapy and fractional plasmotherapy.

2. Barbados

This product line serves for sensitive, combination skin, that used to be oily, acne prone during adolescence. This skin type retained the oily nature, expressed in enlarged pores in the T-zone (nasal folds, chin and forehead).

3. Clear

Clear is designed to offer care for oily skin problems, such as enlarged, clogged pores, blackheads, and excessive sebum secretion – resulting in an oily surface. The line is focused on preventing cumulative damage that may result in scarring or hyperpigmentation, associated with exposure of blemishes to UV light. It is based on mild, well controlled exfoliation that balances the sebaceous, while permanently maintaining optimal hygienic conditions on the skin’s surface.

4. Classic

A series for all skin types with disorders of the epidermal barrier. To restore the skin with signs of photoaging and stress.

5. Liquid Gold

A series for mature skin. It has a rejuvenating effect, softens the skin and increases elasticity. The main component of the series is the extract of seabuckthorn seeds.

6. New Age Control

A series with ANA-acids for skin renewal. Preparations of the series actively saturate the skin with moisture, eliminate fine lines, making the skin smooth and radiant.

7. Spa&Body Care

Cosmetic means for body care, hand care, feet and nails on the basis of seaweed and AHA-acids, which softly exfoliate the skin, stimulate its natural regeneration, improve metabolism and promote the splitting of fatty deposits.

8. Eye Contour

Non-occlusal formulas of the products of this line contain high-quality natural ingredients: valuable oils, essential fatty acids, moisturizers and vitamins. They restore the lipid barrier, maintain the water-fat balance, without causing excessive accumulation of fluid, promote skin regeneration, increase its elasticity.

9. Renova

Series for dry skin of face and neck. Strengthens the protective properties of the skin, preventing premature aging.

10. Greens

Complex of cosmetic preparations for prevention and correction of facial wrinkles.

11. C-White (C-lightening Care)

A series for clarifying the skin and preventing hyperpigmentation. It gives the skin a healthy and natural color.

12. Men

Professional cosmetics Anna Lotan and Fresh Look for men: creams, scrubs, lotions, etc.

13. Pro

Masks, gels and serums for professional use in cosmetic procedures.

We are always glad to cooperate with you.

Sincerely, Anna Lotan!