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The most demanded treatment in the WORLD! "Cold Hydration"!

   The unceasing stream of interest the beauticians UK to the treatment "Cold Hydration" gives us the incentive to organize new workshops on this topic! This treatment has already been highly appreciated by leading beauticians all over the world and continues to displace the steamer! On the 10th of October the regular seminar was held at the office of Al Cosmetics LTD company. At the seminar the beauticians have discovered the new way of deep skin cleaning without steamer - the method of "Cold Hydration".

Furthermore, this treatment is not only effective, but also less traumatic due to gels Anna Lotan! And it is very important in a beautician's work with the patient! Our model has noticed a significant brightening of the face and relief of acne ( the inflammation on the face decreased ) after the treatment. And this is only after one demonstration treatment! In addition, the work combination of ultrasound machine with gels was demonstrated at the seminar.

   You can see our brief video report HERE

   If you do not have time or could not get to our workshop, but you have a strong desire to master the technique "Cold Hydration" - please call or email us! Taking into account your wishes and entries we will hold the additional workshops! Contact information: telephone: +44 (0) 7702910375; e-mail: alcosmeticsuk@gmail.com.

We look forward to meeting you at the workshops! 

   The next workshop is coming soon! 7th November at 12-00 p.m. Details about the master class you can find HERE