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Certificates of Anna Lotan biocosmetic laboratory

The high quality of production of Anna Lotan is confirmed by international certificates – GMP. Indubitably, the availability of certificates s adherence of modern standards of organization and technology of production; these certificates indicate the usage of qualitative raw materials, clear implementation of standards on packing, storage of prepared drugs.

That is necessary to define a concept of “biocosmeceutics” in order to estimate the principle of standardization of cosmetic production according to ISO 9001 and GMP systems. Biocosmeceutics is a set of highly effective cosmetics drugs with prevailing pharmaceutical effect. Preparations have curative action; they are safe, comply with known quality and composition. It is worth to stress, that a customer is not able to estimate independently announced and real acteristics, to determine quality of composition, possible chemical admixtures. The systems of standardization ISO 9001 and GMP were developed for solving this problem; they guarantee safety and high quality of production. Quality assurance of pharmaceutical production ensures industrial standard GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which represents holistic approach, regulates and estimates parameters of production according to strict requirements to raw materials, technological process, equipment, accommodation, packaging, staff qualification etc. Implementation of international GMP standard  is a sophisticated, laborious, expensive process, which gives 100% of guarantee of quality of products, similarity to required chemical composition and retention of all features according to the expiration date.

ISO 9001 is an interindustry standard, that is to say it is much more universal and has general acter. This certificate is deliberated on constant perfecting, controls manufacturing norms, administrative and financial spheres.

Undoubtedly, both ISO 9001 and GMP supplement each other, guarantee high quality of manufacturing and products.